Get Ready for a Flavor Avalanche with Clumsy Candy!

Introducing Clumsy Candy, where delightful flavors collide with a touch of whimsy! Indulge in our vibrant assortment of Mango, Litchi, Imli…
Get Ready for a Flavor Avalanche with Clumsy Candy!

Experience the playful flavors of Clumsy Candy!

Clumsy Candy brand takes tastebuds on a delightful adventure with its vibrant range of Mango, Litchi, Imli, Orange, Ginger, and Lemon-Mint flavored candies. Each bite is a playful dance of fruity and refreshing flavors, leaving a lingering sweetness that captures the essence of pure joy.

Clumsy Mango flavor Candy
Mango Bliss in a Candy: Clumsy Candy's Mango Flavor Candy, a Tropical Treat That'll Leave You Wanting More!
Clumsy Litchi flavor Candy
Embrace the Litchi Delight, where Sweetness takes Flight, with Clumsy Candy's Exquisite Bite!
Clumsy Imli flavor Candy
Tangy twists that'll leave you craving more, Clumsy Candy's Imli delight galore!
Clumsy Orange flavor Candy
Let the clumsiness unfold with Clumsy Candy's Orange flavor, a zesty treat that'll make your taste buds trip!
Clumsy Ginger flavor Candy
Spice up your sweet tooth with our Clumsy Candy Ginger flavor – a zesty twist that'll make you stumble with delight!
Clumsy Lemon-Mint flavor Candy
Taste the tangy twist, feel the icy bliss, with Clumsy Candy's Lemon-Mint kiss!


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